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August 4th - 10th, 2024

Being The Hands and Feet of Jesus

Ways To Serve




6:30 PM

Centennial High School

Love Our City Prayer Launch

We will launch Love Our City week with a corporate gathering for prayer, fellowship, and shared vision for our community. It’ll be a great way to get the week started. Join us at 6:30P on 8/4 at Centennial High School in the amphitheater area.

Image by Christopher John



6:30 PM

Bethel Presbyterian Church

Dollar Car Wash

Everyone needs a car wash during the summer. It’s a service many organizations provide in order to raise funds. However, ours will look a bit different. Instead of paying $1, each person whose car we wash will receive $1. This is a simple outreach that has proven to have a big impact. We’ve heard amazing stories about people who really needed someone to talk to that day. Matt Mulder from Bethel Presbyterian is our contact for the outreach.

Image by Kyle Glenn



2:00 - 5:00 PM

OSU Women’s Fieldhouse

International Outreach

Our final outreach of the year is a collaboration with International Friendships, Inc., a ministry that cares and witnesses to international students at Ohio State University (and other locations around the country). This outreach will be an opportunity not only to help with logistics of an outreach, but to build real relationships with people from around the world who, in many cases, have limited (if any) understanding of the gospel. Scott Whipps from CCCHURCH will lead this outreach, and we will be hosting an ice cream social for international students and their families.




6:30 PM

Centennial High School

School Outreach

Our first outreach will be to our area schools. There are plenty of needs as they get ready to launch classes in the fall. These include outdoor projects like mulching and weeding. This is a great way to tell our staff, teachers, and students that we care about them. Pastor Sam from Northwest Nazarene Church is our contact person for the outreach. Other locations forthcoming.

Image by Tim Kilby



6:30 PM

Location TBD

Senior Outreach

Last year, we added a new outreach to senior citizens at a local assisted care facility. It was a big hit. Young and old alike visited, played mini golf, and shared snacks. This is a crucial opportunity to care for a segment of our community that often goes overlooked. And, again, it’ll be a fun time. Louise Martin from Linworth Road Church is our contact for the outreach.

A Call to Unity and Action

Love Our City Columbus was created to unite local churches in a genuine effort to love our neighborhood. In a time of national division and struggle, we believe in coming together to achieve more than we could alone.

Today, many people struggle to come to faith not because of God's nature but because Christians haven't always set the best example. We want to change that. Love Our City exists to reflect God's heart, compassion, and love accurately, showing our community that churches are not competitors but partners in love.

To bridge the credibility gap, we need to unite. We are excited to see how God will work through our collective efforts, free of agendas. As one question challenges us, "If your church burnt down today, would the community around you notice?" We want the answer to be a resounding YES. We invite you and your family to join us in this mission to reach Columbus for Christ. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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