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Love our City Columbus was born out of a desire to see local churches come together without agendas to partner together to love the people around our neighborhood well. Coming off a past year of division and struggle in our nation we feel the need to come together in a way we have not done before so that we can go further than we could on our own. There is a credibility gap in our world today. People are struggling to come to faith not because God isn't loving or good, but because we as Christians haven't always set the best example of it. In many ways we are known for things we wish we weren't known for. That's why Love our City exists. To see and become people who are an accurate reflection of God's heart, compassion, love, and influence. To learn how to be a good neighbor to people, and show the world that our churches are not in competition, but united in our love for them. To combat this gap it will require us to come together and in all honesty we are more than excited to see how God will meet us as His church works together without strings attached. We heard someone once ask a question: "If your church burnt down today, would the community around you notice?" We want that answer to be a resounding YES because of our united and consistent love. We ask you and your family to join us, we need each one of you to be involved to accomplish the dream of reaching Columbus for Christ.


Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.
- Mother Teresa

Our Participating Churches

Christian Community Church

Address: 5586 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus Ohio 43235


Linworth Rd. Church

5400 Linworth Road

Columbus, Ohio 43235

Linworth Baptist Church

6200 Linworth Road, Worthington Ohio 43085


Linworth rd.png
LBC Logo - Updated White.png

Faith, Hope, & Love HOP

4983 Postlewaite Rd., Columbus, OH 43235


Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 7.43.19 PM.png

Bethel Road Presbyterian

1735 Bethel Rd

Columbus, OH 43220


bethel-logo_logo copy.png

Northwest Church of the Nazarene


Love Our City: Gallery

What we're praying for

A Mighty move of God in our City

Something powerful happens when people serve together without reservation and an open heart to God. It somehow softens our heart, helps us find our personal mission and calling, teaches us to hear God's voice, and without a doubt is a source of satisfaction and joy."

C.J. Buchan

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